Sunday, June 19, 2005

Day One: My Middle Name

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Also available in .mov format and scaled smaller size (.5 MB).

Who is this crazy woman?

I'm a thirty year old Californian who likes to try new things. Yesterday, I bought a book titled This Book Will Change Your Life. I bought two copies-- one for me, one for a friend.

Yesterday I also tried the video feature of my digital camera and discovered that it can take eleven whole seconds of video on my little 16 MB card. Wow. Sure hope sends me the larger reader I ordered six weeks ago soon....

Anyway, combine two great things, and what do you get? A Video Blog of changing my life. Well, mostly a video blog of me doing a bunch of strange, funny, random things that don't necessarily serve any purpose.

Today, I am starting with Day One, even though it's almost exactly six months "off" from how the book usually goes. I don't care. Day One, here I come.