Monday, July 18, 2005

Feedback request

If you read this vlog via the feed, please take a moment to click through and make a comment. I have a couple of thoughts and would like some feedback:

1) I made a video this weekend that was basically a cooking show. It is 13 minutes long, after editing (before editing, it was 35), and weighs in at 35.5 MB. Do you think this is too big to put into an enclosure? I certainly think it's too big for an embedded video, and would link to it with a pic, rather than embed it directly in the blog page, if I post it.

2) I also videotaped a couple of things this weekend that have nothing to do with my journey through the Book. Now, realizing that the answer I get here will differ greatly from the one I get over at my blog on the Book's website (it's basically a mirror of this one, but without RSS), do you want to see unrelated videos? It includes video of friends talking about specific moments in their lives, video from the Harry Potter midnight release party, and video of a Medical Marijuana rally on Saturday, but could in the future involve a wider array of subjects. When I started this vlog, it was with the intention of doing a personal year-long project, and I don't want to move away from that, but at the same time, I enjoyed filming noteworthy things happening and thought about sharing them.

Thanks for sharing your feedback with me-- I appreciate any and all comments, though will delete any with more than 30% of the words consisting of cuss words. ;)