Thursday, April 06, 2006

Vlog Week Day 4

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Well, I'm posting this after having a lot of wine and a few ipuprofen. My back spasmed this evening, and I'm pretty much self-medicating the pain. I don't do this often, and I tend to be careful about it-- I once told my doc that "pain is a message to your body." My doc said "your body knows it's hurt-- take Midol and let me know if it's still hurting in a month." Hahah.

Anyway, this vlog post is about another member of my household who may or may not be in pain right now (studies vary on whether fish feel pain the way we do). She is also being medicated.

My fish, Janice, had a lot of really rough almost-sex (so far as I can tell, it was not a successful mating). She is now isolated from the male (in another zip code, in fact), and hopefully healing up. The meds I have her on are very good at fin repair, but I worry about her tail-- you can see that it's quite red, which means it may become infected. An infected fin is like nothing, but an infected body is potentially lethal. I actually think Janice might be my favorite fish, out of the 9 adults and 100+ babies I currently have.

Yes, Janice is a betta fish-- all my fish are. I have three otos on loan from a friend of mine right now, to clean up algae in one of my tanks, but they are going home on Saturday, at which time I may or may not come home with a new fish. You see, my local betta club is hosting a Regional Betta Show, with an auction to follow. So, yeah, I might end up with another fish or three.

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