Sunday, April 09, 2006

Vlog Week Day 7: I DARE YOU, HEATH!

Click the picture to play the video.

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Vlog Week Day 6

This video was supposed to come out better. In fact, I invested $30 in a page-turning transition, but instead of actually working, it ended up munging everything up (clips and video didn't match), hanging iMovie, and when I had to force quit, the video that recovered was from before I installed the transition, and I decided that, at 12:06 AM heading into Vlog Week Day 7, perhaps it was time to hang it up on Day 6 and let it go.

Kind of annoyed: are there any non-Apple transitions that actually work in iMovie 6?

PS: Spent a lot of time behind the camera today, filming a fish show. Also spent a lot of $$ on new fish. Um.... yeah, I have a problem. On the other hand, I also have very pretty fish.

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